Streaming RealChallengeComplete :100%If you ever had a chance to work on The Real Networks RTSP protocol, you will know what I am talking about.Below is four different code to accomplish that. First one is with Java. It is Roger Chen ‘s code.

The second one is this code’s c# convert (of course with some adjustments). The third one is in C. A dll and a Visual Basic app to get it. It is compiled in Visual

Studio 6.0. And it is from MPlayer code (also, of course with some adjustments.)

And there is also  a code of mine. If anybody gets interested, I can send.

Streaming PNM Complete:%90This code stripped from MPlayer Code. It only works for old PNM streaming formats, I think. Because, what ever you do to download IMDB pnm streams, the server returns : “You must get a new Real Player”.


Streaming Real RTSP Streaming DownloadComplete:?All is ready for download. Guess what : Unsupported Protocol. I

do what ever any other downloader do. But, what can I say? It really needs help…

Artificial Intelligence Traveller Salesman Problem With Simulated Annealing“This person never stops :)Complete:%100Anyone who spent little time on optimization will know this person, and what is it that he/she wants… This person, always looks for the shortest path.

(You may need to recompile the Visual C Activex Project to register the control)

(These codes is under  GNU General Public License and released for the hope that it will be useful.)

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