Plate Tectonics: Expanding Earth or Moving Plates?

Recently, in the History Channel there was a documentary named “How the Earth Was Made”. This documentary was about the movement of the earth’s crust and the explanations around the “Plate Tectonics” theory. It was a two season series that in each episode, looked at some mysterious or unexplained earth structures and tried to explain them with the “Plate Tectonics” theory.

It is an incredible subject. According to this theory, earth’s crust is made up from distinct plates. These plates are in motion. Imagine that the plates are moving, bumping to each other and creating mountains and changing the world climate.

Just watch the documentary and you will learn a lot from it, at least some explanations for the geography that seem unbelievable to the naked eye.

We can give examples of the movement and the effects of it. Plate tectonics explains the Himalaya Mountain Ranges with the moving plates. According to it, the Indian Subcontinent once was together with the African Plate and after they separated, it crushed to the Asian Plate. Two plates are now pressing each other. From this the Himalaya Mountains are born. The pressure still continues and the Everest is still rising up a couple inches a year.

It also explains some of the earthquakes and the creation of the volcanoes in the Belt of Fire or elsewhere. The concept of a hot point is a curious thing  which caused the creation of Hawaiian Islands.

According to the theory, what makes the plates move is the inner pressure of the molten rocks, the magma.

If you think that way, everything seem to fit perfectly.

But there is another theory. Instead of the moving plates, this theory tries to explain the changes in the earth’s crust with the Expanding Earth theory. According to it, the process of the changes are the result of the expanding earth.

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One thought on “Plate Tectonics: Expanding Earth or Moving Plates?

  1. The Plate tectonics are very inieresttng in away if you think about it. A long time ago the world was all connected so there was only one continent. This continent is called Pangaea.Pangaea Means all. Which i significant because all the continents fit together perfectly. That is why south America and africa look like they would fit, Kinda of like a puzzle. This was caused by different plate boundaries. The first Plate Boundary is divergent. divergent is where the sea floor spreads apart and allows molten(lava) come up out of the surface. That is how volcanos are formed. The second boundary is Convergent. Convergent Boundaries are when two plates collide and the ocean plate( one of the plate)goes beneath the other one and when it hits mantle the ocean plate releases water causing the mantles pressure to rise and possibly make a volcano happen. The third Boundary is transform. This happens when two plates touch each other and began to rub causing the earth to break and have an earthquake happen. All of these Plate boundaries worked together and created the continents we have right now. If we didn’t have Plate boundaries we would be stuck on one continent like how it was 200 million years ago.

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